Proper Fur storage is probably the single most important factor in getting the most longevity from your garment. When winter is over you should not hang your fur in the closet, basement, attic or cedar closet, this can damage your coat. As the weather changes, so does the humidity and temperature. Even with air-conditioning you can’t properly protect your fur at home. Heat and humidity deplete the natural balance of oils in your fur. So your fur won’t last as long as it could.

RK Furs is Northeast Pennsylvania’s only furrier that operates their own (on site) storage vaults. The sealed vaults and low temperature guarantees protection from oil depletion and insect damage. Our vaults are climate and light controlled. We also have state of the art alarms systems to insure the utmost in protection and safety.

We individually space and place your garments on sturdy custom hangers. Our full time staff maintains the vaults at optimum climate. Every storage garment is given a free inspection by our trained staff.
Our Storage Vaults are on Premise…not in another state!
You can pick up your garment at any time… without prior notification!
Our Vaults are climate and Light controlled… not an air-conditioned room!

We take pride in keeping your fur looking great! Even if you purchased your garment elsewhere, all furs deserve RK Fur’s onsite fur storage. Please remember to store hats, headbands and fur linings these items are also susceptible to summer damage. Hats and other small items are wrapped in acid-free tissue and carefully stored for their summer stay.

We offer FREE pick-up in Northeastern Pennsylvania. If you wish to have your garment picked up, call us or fill out the form below and we will make arrangements with you.

We highly recommend that you ask your storage facility to see their storage vaults!
You can never be to certain your coats are being stored in the proper facilities.
Come visit our Alden location, we would love to give you a tour of our Vaults,
but be warned… it’s CHILLY in there!

RK Furs can help you have the garment of your dreams…

Our professional staff has one purpose; that is to exceed your expectations from the moment you first walk through our front door. Every RK Furs employee is dedicated to forming an ongoing relationship with our customers. We subscribe to the fundamental understanding that our relationship with our customers does not end at the point of sale, but continues throughout the life of the products we sell and beyond.

Our expert sales staff is courteous and knowledgeable. They are year ’round employees, never just seasonal help. Each member of our staff undergoes a rigorous training program that entails work in all areas of the company. This ensures that you are speaking to, and being advised by an expert at all times. We guarantee that you will receive the kind of service that the RK Furs family has built their reputation on for generations. Our sales staff will greet you warmly, listen to you carefully and help you choose the perfect fur for your taste and lifestyle. They will provide you with the information you need to make an educated buying decision. We subscribe to a consultative style of selling, never pressuring.

Our sales staff is dedicated to assuring unparalleled quality and fit, at a price unobtainable elsewhere.

We have the largest selection of new fur garments in the area. We carry all types of furs, leather, and precious fiber coats in a multitude of fashionable styles and lengths. There are always new garments in stock to choose from, including fashions from world renowned designers. The RK Furs collection includes sizes from petite to plus sizes for men and women. Our collection includes full-length coats, 7/8, 3/4, swings, strollers, jackets, vests, shawls, wraps, hats and fur-trimmed leather outfits such as jackets with matching pants or skirts.

We boast the largest selection of hats to be found. If we don’t have a hat you like, we will make one to order that will be exactly what you want. We can also make any hat to perfectly match the color of your existing coat.

You’ll also find fur accessory and boutique items you won’t find anywhere else. To match your current fur garment, or to accessorize other outfits, we have fur purses, handbags, fur trimmed gloves, muffs, scarves and of course headbands.

If you want something special that we do not have in stock, let us know we will use our resources to either find it, or make it especially for you. The craftsmanship and dedication to quality that come with generations of history await you at RK Furs.

Our customer service theory is based on the fact that when most customers contact a “customer-oriented” business they are either flabbergasted or at least mildly surprised when they receive good service. We at RK Furs feel that this should NOT be the exception, EXCELLENT service should be the norm!

Our master furrier David Schaefer and RK Furs professional finishers will mend any fur, damage from the smallest tear to replacement of complete sections, assuring that your valuable garment is handled with the care and respect equal to our own.

The smallest tear can lead to the costly replacement of a complete pelt or section if not attended to properly. A minor tuck or shortening can remove minor wear from cuffs, pockets and hemlines. Be sure to have your fur thoroughly inspected and maintained annually in the spring.

A small seam opening in your lining may lead to a tear, and the need for complete lining replacement. If you have a loose hook or ring, attend to it in a timely matter. By securing the closures you eliminate undue stress on the fur, often times leading to the tearing of pelts.

Our experts will be happy to inspect your furs and give you a free estimate if any repairs are required.

Of all the clothing purchases made in a lifetime nothing lasts as long or continues to look as good as a well-kept fur. Just as people adapt to change, so can fur. With the right furrier, any fur can maintain its luster through the varied phases of life. As you or clothing styles change your garment may require some alterations. If you’ve lost or gained weight, your garments closures may need a little adjustment or, if necessary, the size of your fur can even be reduced or enlarged. As fashions change your fur can be shortened or lengthened, your collar can be made smaller or enlarged, sleeves and bodies can be narrowed or widened. Whatever your needs, our Master Furrier can make adjustments so your fur will once again fit you perfectly and perfectly into your lifestyle. Our Master furrier and full-service seamstress shop can accomplish all of your alteration needs.

Bring your garment to RK Furs to discuss the possible options. Our sales staff, along with our expert furrier, will devote their time, energy and ingenuity to help you achieve the look you want. Rest assured that the same craftsmanship that goes into producing new fine furs will be applied to the alteration of your garment.

It is in your best interest to provide your insurance company with, and to keep for your own personal records, an accurate replacement value of your fur garments. RK Furs can provide you with an Official RK Furs “Certificate of Appraisal”. Our appraisal certificates are accepted by U.S. and Canadian taxing authorities and insurance companies worldwide. Since replacement values fluctuate based on supply and demand of the world fur markets, your insurance company may request an updated appraisal every two to three years to ensure that your homeowner’s or renter’s coverage is accurate and up to date.

Our expert management staff will carefully assess the current price trends to assign an accurate retail replacement value to your garment. The certificate will include this value and a complete description of the garment with details such as length and sweep to ensure your protection. If you purchased your garment from us, you will receive one written appraisal upon request at no charge. If your purchase was made elsewhere but you still require our expertise, we will be glad to provide an appraisal at a reasonable fee. No appointment is necessary, simply bring your garment to either of our locations and we’ll generate the certificate while you wait.

Note: Please protect your investment! Make sure your insurance policy covers full replacement of your fur in the event of a loss, with no depreciation.

You no longer love that exciting fur you bought five or twenty years ago. We can adjust or rework it into a more comfortable fur or a totally new style. Lowering the armhole or softening the shoulder can make a world of difference and an updated look and feel. We can restyle your dated fur into an impeccably tailored fur lined outerwear jacket, stroller or coat. We can even turn your fur into a contemporary vest, pillows or a family set of teddy bears. A hidden treasure may be in your closet. Allow our furriers to custom design a special new look, created just for you. The possibilities are endless.

Cleaning & Glazing
Cleaning your fur regularly, at least annually is suggested, will help you enjoy your fur through many seasons. Even if your garment was only worn a few times during the season, things like dust, perfume, makeup, and every day airborne pollutants accumulate on the fur. These substances act like a sponge, absorbing the natural oils from the leather underneath the fur causing them to dry out and become stiff and brittle, and eventually fall apart. Regular cleaning will remove these pollutants and greatly extend the life of your garment. Cleaning hats and headbands removes the residue left from hair products. Remember that most hairsprays contain alcohol (a drying agent) which is harmful to fur. Neglect will decrease the shine, softness, and the life of your fur.

Our trained technicians give personal attention to each garment during RK Furs exclusive cleaning process. A fur coat lining (usually silk) is susceptible to stains and requires just the right touch during pre-spotting to remove stains. The furs are then tumbled in drums with a material similar to sawdust that has been dampened with specially mixed cleaning solutions. This tumbling process cleans the fur and keeps the leather soft and supple. The garment is then glazed to bring out the fur’s natural luster and to make it soft and fluffy. To ensure that no sawdust remains after the tumbling process every garment is blown out with high-pressure air (inside and out). The time spent by our cleaning staff on your fur can vary from from 2 to 10 hours. Special care hand cleaning is is often needed for tender, older garments and is provided upon garment inspection. After cleaning, a guaranteed lining protector may be applied. This treatment repels stains for up to one year.

After the cleaning has been completed garments are sent to RK Furs’ on-premise alteration department. Here, the garments are carefully inspected again. Loose fasteners are tightened and minor repairs to linings are performed.

Furs require special care to prevent permanent damage. DO NOT attempt to remove a spot or stain at home. Our expert cleaners can remove most of life’s misfortunes such as; make-up, grease etc.

Clean your fur completely and CORRECTLY!